The Pathway Corridor Corridor (US Route 9 from NY Route 149 to Sweet Road) has been identified as a targeted growth area for investment, revenue and jobs for the region over the next 10 years. Currently, the stretch is home to a varied mix of commercial businesses, including restaurants, service businesses, amusement/theme parks, and hospitality, municipal and private offices including a new expanded county court, freestanding retail, light manufacturing and a major regional outlet retail center. The success and growth of this Corridor collectively over time has led to increased traffic and congestion beyond normal seasonal peaks that are associated with the region’s position as a tourism/retail mecca.

The time is now to begin this process of planning for upgrades and/or alterations to the existing traffic infrastructure or identifying and implementing other actions which will enable this area to continue to thrive. Without this planning, future growth and investment into the Corridor will be limited.